Timber Products

Adding a natural touch of style and safety to homes around Australia, our range of timber hardware products are a DIY dream. Easy to assemble and install, we offer everything from the stair treads to the handrail posts. The solid timber construction makes them naturally strong, durable, and built to weather the Australian climate.
Our timber products are available at selected Bunnings stores Australia wide

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Transforming outdoor experiences with natural timber

Our outdoor timber supplies are designed for DIYers looking to build fencing, install new gates, or add stairs to their porches and decking. Our Ezistep stringer kits come with everything needed to get the job done. The kit includes stringers, treads, a sawtooth, and a set of simple instructions for an easy install. With sizes ranging from two to sixteen steps, there’s an option to suit every deck. We also offer handrail posts and post supports for a stable and secure construction.


You asked, so we answered. Here are all the answers to frequently asked questions about our product and service offerings.

Our picket fences are only available in New South Wales (NSW), and you can find them in Bunnings stores around the state.

Installation of picket fencing typically involves digging post holes, installing the fence posts, attaching the horizontal rails, and then attaching the pickets to the rails.

When choosing a timber gate, it is important to consider the size of the opening, the style of the gate you want, and the level of security required. It is also important to choose a gate that is made from high-quality timber, and that is designed to withstand the elements.

The installation process for a timber stringer kit will depend on the specific type of kit being used and the application. In general, the stringers should be securely attached to the structure using bolts or other hardware, and the treads and risers should be installed using screws or nails. It is important to ensure that the stairs are level and properly supported before use.

A timber stringer kit is a pre-cut and pre-drilled set of timber components that are used to construct a set of stairs for outdoor decking. The kit includes all of the components necessary to assemble the stairs, including stringers, treads, risers, and hardware.